BetterYou DLux 4000 Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray Natural Peppermint 15ml

  • Initial use: press the pump 3 times to get the liquid flowing.

    Shake well before every use. Carefully spray into your mouth, ideally onto the inside of your cheek, and hold for a few seconds.

    Replace the cap after use.

    1 spray delivers 4000IU of vitamin D.

    Use 1 spray a day (or as directed by your healthcare practitioner).

    Does not need to be taken with food or water, can be taken at any time of the day and combined with our other oral sprays.


    Water, diluent (xylitol), medium chain triglycerides, emulsifier (acacia gum and sunflower lecithin), preservative (potassium sorbate), acidity regulator (citric acid), flavouring (natural peppermint oil), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

    Nutritional Information

    Each daily dose (1 spray) contains

    EC NRV

    Vitamin D3

    4000IU / 100μg


    *EC Nutrient Reference Value


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